Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Purity Of Analog

One of the paradoxes of the modern university system is the composite complexion of its many specialized disciplines. Yet, with something not unlike the hospital system of today springing up from religious orders or communities, the pre-university education establishment produced nothing greater than philosophy graduates from formal education church monasteries. In medieval times, one could make the case that philosophy was meant to be some sort of analog to theology, philo=man; theo=God, and all specific educational disciplines were then grouped under the general heading of philosophy. Everything to be intellectually learned other than prayer and liturgy, was grouped under “philosophy”. Of course, atheism philosophically rejects the existence of the real presence.

As history unfolded itself, philosophy definitely unanchored and marginalized itself into something quite different in its meaning for the modern age. In a world of already but not yet types and shadows, theology was to eventually become the “queen” of the sciences, proceeding as a thing given in the revelation. Philosophy was to become the “king” of the sciences, an activity proceeding from observation. Both king and queen were somehow wedded.

At the center of everything was the church.
If such a medieval social economy as this could demonstrate where philosophy really originated, it would appropriately defer to the church for the answer in those days, however, one could not really go past the academic activity right away to explain how that was. Philosophy is not really the purpose behind preaching, however, the origin of philosophy could be linked beyond the medieval monastery's academic focus to the acknowledgement found in the sacramental economy of the church itself.

Is it just a theological thing to say that preaching provides nothing different than the eucharist? Is there any philosophical aspect? With liquid gospel and eaten Word, what takes place in the activity of the eucharist is that those who accept the invitation show that they accept, by divine rite.


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